Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Dear readers,

it has been quiet here, and pretty noisy in my studio. 
Time for a wee update (and a quick hello)
A lot of you have asked for weekend classes. I´d love to schedule a few courses before Christmas, but time is flying and I must admit that it will be too busy in the coming months for weekend classes. 

If you sign up for our newsletter (form to the right), you will receive updates for new course dates and won´t miss any info regarding upcoming classes, else you find updates in the sidebar here on the blog.
I do not take any new orders before Christmas but I will prepare a few items (such as hot-water bottles and a few dolls) for the webshop pretty soon. I am working on new designs and products for 2012 and I am looking forward to presenting you a few ideas in the coming weeks.
 We are currently busy with the 4th part of the Kiki in the Meadow tutorial series for Handmade Living. It is a lot of fun, it is a lot of work, and we are so very happy that so many of you are enjoying crafty hours with our little friend. In the next issue we´ll show you how to finish the body and to sew tiny undies!

I received a lot of requests lately whether I could order extra copies or send dollmaking supplies for Kiki. I´d love to reply each of you, but I don´t manage timewise - I aplogize for that. Please call All Craft Media, Tel +44 1279 879038 for any further information (newsagents, yudu digital copy) and Myriad for supplies, I am sure they can help you.
 I hope you all are doing fine and I am looking forward to meeting you soon again. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, don´t forget a cozy scarf - and enjoy autumn.


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