Friday, 13 January 2012

My Summer Jar

 Do you want to know a secret?

I have a magic jar
Filled with summer
When winter is cold and grey
And the snowstorm is blowing
I open the jar

And hear the summer sing

It is not so difficult
To fill such a jar

But you have to do it 
On a warm late summer afternoon

First you take
A little bit
Dark soil from the flowerbeds

Add three drops
Of glittery water
From the bird bath

Pick fifteen golden buttons
From the tansy
Behind the fence

 Then you´ll have to find
A yellow leaf
Under the plum tree

Find a dead brimstone butterfly
One that only flapped its wings
Three happy weeks in August

Add six pumpkin seeds
A mosquito bite
And thirteen little freckles

A handful of hay
You will need
For your jar filled with summer

Add an apple
That the deer didn´t eat
Last night in the meadow

Don´t forget the little song
Of the Goldhammer bird
(But close the lid quickly)

Shake well
And keep the summer jar
On the third shelf of your bookcase

When winter is cold and grey
And the snowstorm is howling
Carefully open the lid

And hear the summer sing

This 50cm custom doll travelled to Italy. Giulia wanted me to make her a girl called Sunny, the only detail I was given. It was a pleasure to make her (and that summery jar truly is the best remedy against a winter blues).

Have a nice weekend!

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