Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Class Updates

Dear readers,   

I am happy to announce new classes for the coming months! 

New weekend classes are scheduled for Germany - 17/ 18 March in Freiburg and 24/ 25 March in Seeshaupt near Munich. It will be wonderful to visit my dear friends and hosts again, Nina and Ursula, and to meet my students (some of them are attending a weekend class for the second and even third time!).

If you´d like to join us in March, be quick - we already have half of the classes booked. More info (in German) about the course, fee, accommodation etc. can be found here 
(© all images by my e-class students summer 2011)

 If you live too far away to travel to the south of Germany in March but would like to join a class, why not attend the upcoming e-class, 19th of February? We have still a few spots available for those of you who´d love to make a doll during four weeks with lots of online tutorials and guidance, more info can be found here. If you would like to join us, be quick - I am packing the last material sets this week...

I hope that all of you are doing well. Winter has decided to show his ice-cold smile (a glittery one, with snowflakes), and I am happy that I have still a few weeks left before travelling a lot. I prefer to snuggle in under a warm woolen blanket on the sofa when it is as freezing cold as it is now, drinking tea, listening to radio plays and sewing dolls. Tomorrow I am going to meet dear friends for coffee, cake and business chat, two of them are dollmakers as well, Suse and Maria - what would be a better reason to be outside, to get frost-red cheeks and an ice-cold nosetip ;-)

Have a sunny day (and snowflakes),


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