Friday, 23 March 2012

Dolly Makeover

Dear readers,

Between two doll making classes,  the first one last weekend in Freiburg, the second class starting tomorrow, I am spending time with friends in the Bavarian countryside.

Almost two and a half years ago they ordered two custom dolls for their children.
Lilly and Fritz, those were the names they gave their new little fellows.
Dearly loved. Well played with. Every night by their side. 
Every day together with them on their adventures.

Now it was time for a dolly makeover.
I checked all seams, mended wee holes.
 I brushed their mohair wigs...
Added some blusher here and there (especially on all their dimples)
...and added ears, detail that all my dolls are getting since spring 2011.

(Today I got told that Lilly and Fritz behaved much more nicely during the night because they do listen now, if you tell them to sleep ;-)
(I so much love my little handprinted needle book, a gift by Erika/ Mikodesign)
In 2009, Nina was one of my customers. We emailed a lot and it took us only a short time until we became friends in real life as well. Her kids do find it quite practical that a dollmaker is visiting them. So do Lilly and Fritz, I suppose. For me it is just wonderful to sit in the sun, to enjoy the company of a dear friend and to do a little dolly makeover. Every little stain, every tousled strand of mohair shows me how much love my dolls get in this home. (And I know that my dolls get a lot of love in other homes as well...)
And while I was busy sewing, dolly clothes were drying on the laundry line in the spring sun after a long bath. I had two little helpers who truly enjoyed their part of the dolly makeover. 
So nice that spring is here!

Sunny greetings to you, my dear readers,