Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Morning Hours

Quiet morning hours. 

I am having a cup of coffee, enjoying the silence and the first rays of sunshine.

This is usually the time when I read through all the notes 
my customers send me before I get started with their dolls. 
I read about their memories. I read about their dreams. 
I read about childhood places and about autumn scents, 
about someone´s favourite song and about fading colours.
About forgotten sounds and long journeys.
For me these notes are far more important than details such as 
hair colours and clothes style. They don´t tell anything about the soul of a doll.

While I am doing something else, cutting fabrics, 
preparing material for classes, my thoughts start to wander.
They meander, like a little river, through a landscape made of all those 
memories and dreams my customers write about. 

The personal dialogue with my customers is food for my creativity.
This is why I love to make dolls.