Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Snowflake Girls

I know that you have always been wondering 
What all the little snowflakes do
In all their white fluffy dresses
When Mister Spring is just
Around the corner.
I too have been wondering 
About this for quite some time
But I think I know now
What happens to the snowflakes
Around these days in March
They sit in the pear tree
Dance on the garden fence
In the meadow they gather
Where the deer are standing
In the winter sun
 All of them are wearing
White woolen stockings
And a tutu made from
Sparkling stars
And frosty rime
They love to sit high up 
In the trees or play  
Hide and seek 
In the buckthorn thicket 
Together with cheeky winter winds
But after all their play 
In tree tops and meadows 
The little snowflake girls
Are feeling tired whilst
The cheeky winds are still dancing
Their feet start to tickle, their noses too
And so do their bellies
And after some time their delicate skirts
Made from frosty rime
Are gone
 And while they feel
So heavy and tired
Something magical happens
Believe me, I have seen
It with my very own eyes
It starts with their feet
Goes up to their nose tips
And soon they all are
Dressed in the most beautiful 
Little grey capes
Like small shiny beads
They prettily sit
On window panes
Hang from the branches
Of the apple trees
Dressed as raindrops 
They gather
In sparkling puddles
Hop from the roof 
Play catch me in the grass
It won´t surprise you
That they are getting quite 
a bit breathless and warm
Under their hoods and capes
And again something magical happens

All of the sudden
They all are dressed 
In the most delicate batiste 
Thin as cobwebs
Thin as sighs and warm air

In the early morning 
You can see them
High up in the trees
In their delicate dresses
And waving goodbye

Whilst you think you see
Only drafts if mists in the meadow
A mild spring breeze is taking
The snowflakes back to their cloudy home 
High above in the sky

(From there they will come back, next winter, I promise)


The Snowflake Girl was a 50cm custom doll for Star (what a beautiful name, don´t you think?). She has found the most warmhearted home in a part of the U.S. where it is always summer. 
I didn´t get many specific hints regarding her clothes or style, and to me it was very clear that Star and her family needed a Snowflake Girl. 

All her clothes are made of organic fabrics - only the silk for her tutu was vintage. It was a piece of a thin curtain we used many years ago for a theatre performance (it has travelled a lot with us and seen many stages). I love when things have a story, not only my dolls...

Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. I am holding a dollmaking class in Freiburg/ Germany the 17/18 of March. Two spots had to get cancelled at short notice - if you want to join us for a crafty weekend, you can find more info here

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