Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Doll Making in Amsterdam - Weekend Class Results

End of April I taught a doll making class in Amsterdam together with nine students from Belgium, the Netherlands and Serbia.

It was a wonderful weekend, inspiring and joyful, crafty and chatty, with cupcakes and dots, one broken needle and a lot of fun. We stayed at my friend´s place, sweet Ineke (who is not only a doll maker herself but a fantastic host, we all enjoyed it so much to work in her cozy studio)

Finally I managed to edit some photos that I would like to share with you..
Britta´s little girl, dressed for the way home to Belgium
Jet´s doll, dressed in a sweet jurkje.
Mirjam´s boy. 
(He is not so fond of cupcakes but loves his rocking horse)
Anjo´s girl, in aqua and red (my favourite colours)
Anita´s little new friend, eagerly awaited by her sister (made at one of my classes two years ago)
Graciela´s doll (with chocolate eyes)
Tanja´s little girl (with the cutest strawberry shoes)
Biljana´s girl, with warm woolen socks (she had to travel quite far, no risk for cold feet)
Ingrid´s little friend, with raspberry red cheeks

People often wonder why sometimes the dolls travel home in headscarves or with a cap after the class instead of braided hair or pigtails. To make such a 45cm cloth doll, my students spend about 22 working hours on neat seams, the right position of facial features and firmly stuffed limbs. The wig takes another 5-8 hours. Unless someone spends a whole night on the doll´s hair and joins us the second day of the class with very bleary eyes, most students only manage to crochet a few rows and finish the wig at home, with my advice and assistance (a detailed film tutorial). Because no doll wants to get photographed bald-headed, we prefer colourful headscarves ;-)

Thank you for a great weekend in Amsterdam, Anita and Anjo, Biljana and Britta, Graciela, Ingrid and Jet,  Mirjam and Tanja! You were a fantastic group, I so much enjoyed our doll making time!

The next class will be held in Berlin, 16th and 17th of June. If you too are interested in one of my doll making classes, have a look at the class dates in the sidebar of this blog or sign up for the newsletter to be kept updated.

Lieve groetjes,