Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Peony Girl

As soon as the first shafts of sunlight
Tickle her nose 
In the morning
She casts up her eyes
Through the canopy of leaves
The morning light dances 
And so does the wind
While the blackbird sings
The Peony Girl
Sips a little bit 
Of lilac tea
Then she puts on her dress
A dress made from
Summery pink and green
Woven air and embroidered 
With the blackbird´s song
A perfect dress 
To play hide and seek
In the high grass
Under the apple tree
To pick summery scents
In a little bouquet
To get mosquito bites
And a freckled nose
The perfect dress
To play with glittery marbles
Like thousands little diamonds
On Alchemilla leaves
The perfect dress
To say hello
To Mister Bug who lives
Under the rhubarb leaf
The perfect dress 
To take a stroll 
Along columbine 
And lavender and thyme
The perfect dress 
To whistle a song
While counting the snails
Under the elder bush
The perfect dress
To sit high up
In the apple tree
Squinting into the afternoon sun
No wonder that little Peony Girls
When they put off their day dress
And slipped into their nightgowns
Bedded on goutweed and dandelion

Fall asleep in two ticks
All the running and singing
All the climbing and playing
Makes them really tired

The Peony Girl is a 18"/46cm cloth doll, a special custom order for Marie as a gift for her Holy Communion.

Marie´s Peony Girl is wearing a sleeve-less dress with belt, made from beautiful silk that I have been keeping for many years (originally it was left-over from costumes I made for a "The Master and Margarita" theatre play, I love if fabrics have such a story). Under the dress the doll is wearing a t-shirt, together with a collar which matches the dress´ lining. 

The Peony Girl travelled to Bavaria with an additional soft jersey dress, leggings, undies and shoes. Marie loves everything pink and purple, but I wanted to get away from something too glittery and girly. I combined magenta and dusky pink together with a rather yellowish green which made a wonderful (and peony-like) combination. For the hair I used DollyMo yarn light brown.
 Marie´s family didn´t get to see any photos before I sent their custom doll, it was a surprise. 
When the little girl arrived, they decided to go for a peony theme to decorate for Marie´s Holy Communion (and I am pretty sure that the Peony Girl felt that she was very welcome in her new family).

Have a sunny day!