Sunday, 17 June 2012

Strawberries! Strawberries! (results from the doll making class in Berlin)

Dear readers,

of course you were right (when being asked yesterday to guess what our class theme was). 
Strawberries! Lots of strawberries!

We had a fantastic doll making weekend in Berlin, my students and I. 
All of us were tired but oh so happy with the result! 
Everyone was hard working, no broken needles, flowers on the table, delicious lunch and yummy cakes, the evening sun was shining when we took the last photos outside - and none of us was allergic to strawberries. In fine - a perfect weekend! 

Each of my students made a 45cm/ 18 inches cloth doll in a two days class. Before we met, I let them know the class theme so they could prepare for a strawberry weekend.
Enjoy the photos...
Maja: "I love to pick strawberries from the cake"
[Laura´s doll]

Gerda: "I love to eat strawberries with milk"
[Ute´s doll]

Tinka: "Mommy, would you please sew me a tipi, made of this strawberry fabric?"
[Maria´s doll]

Solveigh: Do you want to know a secret? I have seen the Strawberry Fairy.
[Maren´s doll]

Lelli: If I was a pirate, I would sail the Sea of Strawberries!
[Kathrin´s doll]

Thank you so much, Kathrin, Laura, Maren, Maria and Ute for a wonderful weekend! 
(they had never idle hands and were feverishly finishing mohair wigs and even managed to attache ears in that short amount of time at the end of the class ;-)

If you too would like to join us and make your own doll, have a look at the calendar to the right.
 Next dollmaking class for classic cloth dolls will be in Ulm/ Germany (Kurs in deutscher Sprache), 14/ 15 of July. If you are interested, send an email to - w have still a few spots available, more info can be found here.